Filing an Appeal

The Financial and Registration Committee reviews appeals from students who are seeking exceptions to registration and financial policies and deadlines.

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General Information

Financial and registration appeals are available for any student who missed a deadline for an extenuating or compelling reason.

Complete appeals are reviewed by the Financial and Registration Committee to determine if the extenuating circumstance merits a change in student registration after a deadline. The Committee takes numerous factors into consideration when reviewing submissions, including but not limited to:

  • Student appeal statement and extenuating circumstances
  • Supporting documentation
  • Timely submission of appeal
  • Academic standing and engagement in course

Students will be notified if additional information is required for an appeal review; incomplete appeals may be canceled without review. Submission of an appeal is not a guarantee of approval. The Financial and Registration Committee is not authorized to overturn a decision made by another Committee or Administrative Officer of DCE. Appeals submitted to overturn these decisions will not be reviewed.

Contact Information

Financial and Registration Appeals are managed by the Academic Services Office. For questions regarding the appeal process, contact:
617-495-0977 Ext. 2

Types of Appeals

The Financial and Registration Committee reviews the following types of appeals:

  • Late add
  • Add/drop (exchanging of courses)
  • Late drop (with tuition refund)
  • Late withdraw (no tuition refund)
  • Credit status change
  • Reinstatement into a course

Preparing your Appeal

Student financial and registration appeals are submitted by logging into MyDCE and selecting "Online Services." Students will be asked to complete the online appeal form, which includes entering course information and selecting the type of appeal you are submitting, writing a full appeal statement, and uploading supporting documentation. Students may start an appeal, save, and return to complete it at a later time, though it is recommended that students start and submit the appeal at one time rather than returning later to complete.

Supporting Documentation

As part of the appeal submission, you will be required to upload official supporting documentation to the Student Appeal Form.

Documentation should be official, written on letterhead (when relevant), be written in English, and corroborate the details of your appeal statement. Documentation should include pertinent details of your situation, including a brief description of the extenuating circumstances, the time under which the situation occurred, and any additional restrictions that impact your enrollment or engagement in the course.

Students should provide two forms of documentation to support an appeal. The exceptions to this are an official letter from a doctor in medical situations or submitting official military orders.

Appeal Submission and Processing

Every appeal submission is initially reviewed by the appeals staff. Students will be notified via email if any additional information or documentation is required before the appeal can be reviewed by the Financial and Registration Committee.

Once the appeal is reviewed by the Committee, decisions are sent to the email address associated with your student record. Students can confirm their email address in MyDCE.

Tuition Payments and Refunds

Tuition payment is required in full before students can be officially enrolled in any course. This includes approved appeals for credit status changes if the new credit status has a higher tuition cost than the original tuition paid at registration.

Students will be notified of the exact payment amount needed and how to submit payment, if and when their appeal has been approved by the Financial and Registration Committee.

File Your Appeal

The financial and registration appeal form can be found by logging into MyDCE and selecting "Online Services" from your dashboard. Under the Student Main Menu, select Course Registration and Schedule, then Financial and Registration Appeal Form.

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