Registering with Anticipated Aid

Before you can use your anticipated financial aid to register for courses, you must return your signed award letter to Student Financial Services. It may take up to five business days from the date your signed award letter is received for anticipated financial aid to be reflected on your student account.

You must pay for any tuition or fees not covered by your financial aid at the time you register for courses.

If you register using anticipated financial aid, but are later discovered to be ineligible for that aid, full payment of tuition and fees must be received within 10 business days of the notification of ineligibility or you may be withdrawn from courses.

You may become ineligible for your aid if you:

  • Change your enrollment
  • Do not meet the satisfactory academic progress standard from one term to the next
  • Do not sign promissory notes or complete entrance counseling (if required)
  • Receive federal aid at another institution during the same or overlapping enrollment period

Changes in enrollment status

Any changes in course enrollment or credit status may affect your financial aid eligibility. If you drop courses, you may be required to use any tuition refunds to repay scholarships or loans.

You should discuss any financial or enrollment status changes in advance with your financial aid officer so that an assessment can be made of how those changes affect financial aid. If you are receiving federal aid and withdraw from all of your courses within a term, you must inform Student Financial Services immediately and complete loan exit counseling online.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Special Student

If you are enrolled as a Special Student in Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) courses, you must provide confirmation of your enrollment to Student Financial Services before financial aid funds can be disbursed.

Please note that during the fall and spring terms, if you are an FAS Special Student registered in only one 4-credit course at Harvard Extension School and one 4-credit course at another Harvard school, you are reported by the registrars’ offices as enrolled less than half time at both schools. This enrollment reporting may affect your in-school deferment status on current and past student loans. If you experience deferment problems, contact Academic Services at (617) 495-0977.

Candidates approved to study at another institution (US or abroad)

You may be eligible to use federal loans and grants, state scholarships, and private education loans to pay education expenses at another school or for a study abroad program. Contact your academic advisor to assist you in choosing a course of study and to have your courses approved for transfer credit. Then contact your financial aid officer to begin the consortium agreement process. As part of this process you will need to provide your financial aid officer with information about the cost of your courses and dates of enrollment.