Social Sciences & Cultural Studies

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Graduate Certificates

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4–5 courses
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This certificate allows you to explore the full spectrum of American literature across a range of literary mediums, genres, and authors.

Learn more about American Literature and Culture Graduate Certificate

Gain a deeper understanding of philosophy through the world’s greatest thinkers, as well as how to apply ethical debate across a range of issues.

Learn more about Philosophy and Ethics Graduate Certificate

Grow your understanding of global religions through the context of their unique origins, traditions, and customs.

Learn more about Religions of the World Graduate Certificate

Earn a certificate in social justice in 4 courses.

Learn more about Social Justice Certificate

Explore core psychology theories and the latest research, gaining insights into why we humans make the choices we do, and how we engage with the world around us.

Learn more about Topics in Human Behavior Graduate Certificate

Graduate Degrees

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Excel in 3 degree courses to qualify for admission
12 courses
A blended online and on-campus experience
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Explore human cultures and societies, and gain a deep understanding of our global complexities and their implications on the human experience.

Learn more about Anthropology and Archaeology Degree Program

Gain a deeper understanding of the complex role of governmental organizations within society.

Learn more about Government Degree Program

Examine the past through a variety of critical approaches while engaging in deep investigation of how evidence and historical narratives have developed over time.

Learn more about History Degree Program

Explore core theories and the latest research in the field of psychology, gaining insights into how human beings think, feel, and navigate their social world.

Learn more about Psychology Degree Program

Explore the history, texts, and functions of religion within different societies and cultures, gaining a deeper understanding of the historical and contemporary issues around religion.

Learn more about Religion Degree Program