Filing an Appeal

The Financial and Registration Committee reviews appeals from students who are seeking exceptions to registration and financial policies.

Students may file appeals if there are documented and compelling reasons for requesting an exception and they have no other administrative options available (for example, course withdrawal or extension of time).

Students must be in good financial standing to submit an appeal.

Only appeals for the current term are considered.

Negligence, employment issues, software and hardware difficulties, financial constraints, routine illness, unsatisfactory progress, lack of preparation, failure to meet course requirements, and vacation plans are not considered compelling reasons for requesting exceptions to policies or procedures.

Filing an appeal

  • Call the student appeals specialist at (617) 495-0977 before submitting an appeal.
  • Complete the student appeal form and attach supporting documentation of the circumstances. Documentation must be written in English and on letterhead, confirming the reasons for the appeal, including specific dates and signed by the appropriate person in an official capacity. Medical documentation must be on the medical provider’s letterhead. It should include a description of the circumstances of the appeal, specific dates or range of dates, and the physical and functional limitations of the circumstances.
  • Include a nonrefundable $50 processing fee with your appeal, as well as relevant registration or course change forms and full payment for the course tuition and fees, as appropriate.
  • Appeals must be received by noon (EST) on Thursday for the following week’s agenda. Students will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision.