Computer and E-mail Services

Computer and E-mail Accounts

Once you've registered for courses and know your Harvard ID number, you should claim your HarvardKey. Claiming your HarvardKey provides you with a Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) computer account for use at FAS computer labs on campus. Your HarvardKey also provides login access to Google Apps for Harvard and lets you open a Harvard Gmail account.

  • To opt in to Google Apps for Harvard and open a Harvard Gmail account, follow the step-by-step instructions at Getting Started on the Google Apps for Harvard site.
  • To receive Extension School communications via your Harvard Gmail account, update your contact information in online services.

Accounts remain active for the duration of the semester as long as you remain registered in at least one course (with the exception of admitted degree and premedical candidates, whose accounts remain active for the duration of the program). Accounts are not eligible for extension.

If you have an existing FAS computer and email account, you may continue to use your current accounts without any disruption in service. You may choose to opt in to Google Apps for Harvard at any time.

Computer Help 

HUIT Support Center

Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) is a primary provider of IT services to the Harvard community. For help claiming your HarvardKey, setting up your Harvard Gmail account, or for general computer support, please contact HUIT at (617) 495-7777 or e-mail You can also visit the HUIT Walk-In Support Center in Science Center B14 for in-person assistance.

HUIT also provides information on academic pricing available to members of the Harvard community for computer product purchases. See Computers, Software, and Phones on the HUIT website for detailed information.

53 Church Street Help Desk

The 53 Church Street Computer Facility also provides technical support for the Extension School community. See the Computer Facility schedule for detailed hours or call (617) 495-5485.

Technical Assistance

If you need help addressing issues with video and web-conference courses, or with computer/software troubleshooting, contact the Online Support Office at (617) 998-8571 Monday to Thursday, 10 am to 11 pm; Friday to Sunday, 10 am to 8 pm. You can also send an e-mail message to

Computer and Printing Facilities

The computer labs at the 53 Church Street Computer Facility and Grossman Library offer a wide variety of computer resources and free printing to registered students.

See Computing Lab Locations and Resources and Printing on the HUIT website for detailed information about the campus's computer labs and printing facilities, as well as printing accounts and budgets.