If you are a student on a waitlist:

  • You are charged full tuition.
  • Your waitlist position is based on the date and time of your registration.
  • Attend all classes or participate in online courses and complete all required work through late registration. Instructors may ask the Registrar to admit only students who attend or participate online.
  • Instructors do not make admission decisions, although they may report attendance to the Registrar’s Office, where admission decisions are made in accordance with course attendance policies.
  • To see if you are still waitlisted, log in to online services and select “Course Registration and Schedule” from the main menu. If a change is made to your status, you are notified by e-mail.
  • You may drop from a waitlist for a full-tuition refund at any time before the refund deadline.
  • Attend an alternate course in case you are not admitted from the waitlist. If your alternate course is also limited, you should register for it.
  • Waitlists are resolved at the end of late registration. Be aware that the registration and drop deadlines may differ for some courses.
  • If you are not admitted to the course for which you are waitlisted, you receive a full-tuition refund for that course, and you may no longer attend it. Registration fees are nonrefundable.
  • If you are admitted to the course for which you are waitlisted and you also registered for an alternate course, remember to drop the alternate course by the full-tuition refund deadline if you do not want to be registered and enrolled in both courses.