Tips for Students on Waitlists

  • Check your email and course schedule regularly to see if you are still waitlisted. If you are admitted to a course from the waitlist, you will be sent an email advising you to view your course schedule to see the registration change. While we cannot predict your chances for admission, space availability changes often, especially after registration and payment deadlines.
  • Pay your balance in full. You are charged full tuition to be on a waitlist. If you do not pay your balance in full by the payment deadline, you risk being dropped from all courses and waitlists. If you are dropped for non-payment, you remain eligible to register for courses with immediate payment until registration ends. However, there is no guarantee space will still be available in the courses or on the waitlists from which you were dropped. You may also drop from a waitlist for a full-tuition refund at any time before the full-tuition refund deadline
  • Attend all classes or participate in online courses, and complete all required coursework through the course changes deadline. Late work may be submitted only with instructor approval and according to instructor policies. Being admitted from a waitlist after the course has begun does not warrant an exception to those policies.
  • Do not ask instructors for special consideration.Your waitlist position is based on the date and time of your registration. If space in the course becomes available, students on the waitlist will be admitted by the Registrar’s Office. Instructors do not admit students.
  • Have an alternate course in mind in case you are not admitted from the waitlist. If your alternate course is also limited, you should register and pay for it. If you are admitted to the course for which you are waitlisted, remember to drop the alternate course by the full-tuition refund deadline if you do not want to be enrolled in both courses.
  • Waitlists are resolved by the course changes deadline. If you are not admitted to the course for which you are waitlisted, you will receive a full-tuition refund for that course, and you may no longer attend.