Math Placement Test

This online diagnostic test is highly recommended for ECON E-1010, ECON E-1040, ECON E-1600, MATH E-8, MATH E-10, MATH E-15, MATH E-16, MATH E-21a, and MATH E-21b to help ensure that you perform well in these courses. Instructors and teaching assistants assume that you are enrolling with the prerequisite knowledge and will teach accordingly. They will not review prerequisite math skills either in class or one-on-one.

How to take the test

You do not need to study for this test. It is intended for students who have not taken a math course recently. The test must be taken online. Go to the login page of online services and follow the instructions for the math placement test. You receive your score upon completing the test.

Test schedule

The test is available in online services between 4 am and 11 pm Eastern Time during the following periods:

  • For fall classes: July 25 to September 9
  • For spring classes: November 7 to February 2

If you have questions about placement or encounter technical difficulties with the test, e-mail

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