Persuasion and Social Influence in Uncertain Times (Online)

This program last ran in June 2020. Future dates to be announced.

Influencing others is the key to advancing our agenda and achieving our goals. But what does it take to communicate persuasively during uncertain times?

In this interactive two-hour web conference, you will explore research-based strategies that are essential for building trust and gaining buy-in. Learn how to make a strong first impression, connect with your target audience, and develop an effective pitch. Through individual and group exercises, you will practice new ways to get others to believe in you and support your ideas.

Note: All program content will be delivered live and will not be recorded.

Topics Covered

  • Managing first impressions
  • Building trust in a virtual environment
  • Identifying and responding to the audience's needs
  • Structuring an effective pitch

Who should enroll

This web conference is designed for professionals who want to strengthen their persuasion and influence skills. It is appropriate for individual contributors and managers in both sales and non-sales roles.