People Analytics: Maximizing Human Capital with Data (Online)

The next session of this program is planned for 2021. 

People analytics is a data-driven approach to people-related decisions, designed for managers at all levels. More than simply an understanding of statistical analyses, it’s about leveraging data to make better decisions about hiring, managing, and developing the people in your organization. 

The concepts and tools explored in this online program will help you understand characteristics that correlate with high employee performance, helping you make better strategic hiring and management decisions. 

People analytics can also help organizations retain and develop top talent. With insights and statistics gleaned from your data, you can learn how to give useful feedback, mentor rising leaders, and identify when a high-potential employee may be struggling. 

While this is not a statistics program, participants will work with data and cover basic analysis techniques in an applied way. You’ll focus on developing a data-driven framework for approaching people-related decisions by examining how other organizations have done so successfully.

Note: All program content will be delivered live and will not be recorded. The online version of People Analytics: Maximizing Human Capital with Data will be delivered in its entirety over four days (3.5 hours online).

Program Benefits

  • Discover empirically derived strategies for effectively hiring, socializing, appraising, and rewarding employees
  • Gain an understanding of practices and frameworks that help managers more effectively leverage human capital
  • Leave with a basic framework for making data-driven people decisions within an organization
  • Understand how to capture and leverage data that exists within your organization
  • Become more of a strategic partner to senior leadership

Topics Covered

  • Identifying and gathering data within your organization
  • Conducting experiments in organizations
  • Developing a data-driven selection and hiring process
  • Performance management systems that engage and retain employees

Who should enroll

This online offering is suitable for managers at all levels. Participants need not have specific statistical expertise.

Professionals involved in management, advancement, performance evaluation, and hiring will find the online program material especially beneficial, as it helps participants develop analytical approaches to making decisions.