Marketing Re-imagined: Creative Thinking for Breakthrough Marketing

Marketers continually seek exciting ideas that stand out from the crowd, help grow the business, and energize internal teams. They have an ever-growing toolkit of resources at their disposal.  Yet, despite this, marketers keep searching for the holy grail: fresher, bolder marketing strategies and plans that break through the clutter and facilitate growth.

In this course, we will explore how to apply creative thinking tools to marketing challenges, how to re-imagine the target audience and develop a compelling positioning in the market. Plus, we’ll look at how to create and evaluate breakthrough strategies and tactics. 

Come prepared to think, experiment, and learn from one another while you train your brain in new ways.

Program Benefits

  • Experiential in nature. Apply the skills and tools of creative thinking to the marketing planning process.
  • Learn a practical set of creative thinking skills and tools, including how to brainstorm more effectively and how to transform a new idea into a sustainable strategy.
  • Explore innovative ways to identify a target audience, create a compelling positioning, and uncover strategies that set a brand apart from the crowd.
  • Apply your new creative thinking skills to a specific marketing challenge.
  • Prepare a presentation to a client who owns the marketing challenge
  • Experiment with new ways of presenting your ideas—thinking outside your typical deck.

Topics Covered

  • Building a creative thinking mindset and foundational skill set
  • Discovering new methods of identifying and getting to know a target audience
  • Rethinking how to develop and present underlying positioning strategies
  • Optimizing new ideas and gaining buy-in from stakeholders
  • Engage internal audiences with better presentations

Who should enroll

Marketing and communications professionals, as well as those working in sales, product development, and advertising.

This program assumes participants have a foundational understanding of marketing and want to explore methods for creating more unique and breakthrough marketing programs.