Decision Making in Uncertain Times (Online)

This program last ran in June 2020. Future dates to be announced.

Leaders have always made decisions in the face of uncertainty, but never like today. This interactive two-hour web conference will provide strategies on how leaders can make critical decisions when planning for uncertainties—particularly in today’s volatile business environments—that go beyond the standard optimization tools used in times of stability.

You will learn to recognize unconscious biases and blind spots that may lead to suboptimal outcomes. In addition, you will discover a remarkable way of assessing probabilities, learn practical ways to anticipate the actions of others, and develop an arsenal of approaches for making future decisions.  

This two-hour web conference mixes expert lecture, case examples, and small group discussions to help leaders change their approaches to decision-making today.

Note: All program content will be delivered live and will not be recorded.

Topics Covered

  • Recognizing our irrationality
  • Outsmarting confirmation bias
  • Resisting distractions and salience
  • Reframing and minimizing loss aversion
  • Applying useful probability tools
  • Employing nudges and commitment strategies

Who should enroll

Designed for business leaders, managers, investors, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has to make critical decisions in the face of unprecedented uncertainty. It is for anyone who strives to make smarter decisions despite the uncertainty of the future through effective use of available data.