Building Organizational Cultures: A Framework for Leaders (Online)

Why do some cultures thrive while others languish? And what role do leaders play in helping cultures thrive? Organizational cultures are living systems that can be intentionally influenced and developed through a system of interrelated elements. 

This online program will compel leaders to examine their beliefs and practices pertaining to organizational culture. Through case studies, inquiry, reflection, and discussion, we will engage in critically assessing culture and applying effective action to drive performance. You’ll walk away with the tools to build an extraordinary workplace culture that promotes advancement of both your organization and its people.

Note: All program content will be delivered live and will not be recorded. The online version of Building Organizational Cultures: A Framework for Leaders  will be delivered in its entirety over two days (seven hours per day).

Program Benefits

  • Learn the relationship between culture and performance
  • Increase awareness of extraordinary versus mediocre, even toxic, cultures
  • Understand the risks of not being intentional about culture
  • Inspire leaders to shift into informed action 
  • Gain actionable insight into elements that work to advance adaptive organizational culture

Topics Covered

  • Activating the 10 elements of adaptive cultures
  • Understanding organizational culture and why it’s important
  • Exploring the continuum of corporate culture—the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Advancing cultures through a proven framework
  • Translating understanding into action and impact

Who Should Enroll

This online program is designed for leaders and influencers who want to: 

  • Positively impact people and performance
  • Better understand the risk and opportunity related to culture
  • Make a difference in the culture of their organization

Program Information

Program Dates

December 2–3, 2020
Instructor Lorne Rubis

Class Times

10:30 am—6:30 pm EDT

Program Fee

2020 Program Fee: $1,950


Online (Zoom)


Lorne is the Chief Culture and Transformation Officer at NorQuest College, helping the school thrive in the midst of the disruption impacting Alberta’s post-secondary education. Prior, Lorne was the Chief People Officer and Chief Evangelist at ATB Financial. Leveraging key focus areas, Lorne was an internal consultant, advisor, connector, coach, catalyst and occasional provocateur.

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