Becoming a Leader: Developing Your Style and Making Sound Decisions (Online)

Designed for first-line and mid-level managers positioned to take on increasing leadership roles in their organizations, this online program surfaces participants' innate preferences and leadership styles that can impact their personal and professional development as well as the organization’s bottom line.  

The awareness of these preferences is used to help analyze the symbiotic relationship between leadership and decision making through the lens of emotional intelligence. It combines theory and practice to inform participants on how effective decisions can be made, as well as how bad decisions can be avoided.

Attention will be paid to research in emotional intelligence as a framework for understanding the dual aspects of the decision-making process: intuitive vs. rational, and the respective values of both. Participants will leave with tools and strategies to expand their ability to become more confident, connective, and constructive leaders and decision makers.

Note: All program content will be delivered live and will not be recorded.

Program Benefits

  • Become aware of preferences, leadership styles, and blind spots in yourself as well as others
  • Learn the science behind emotional intelligence and how it contributes to your personal and professional success—knowing that you have to manage yourself before you can lead others.
  • Understand psychological pitfalls in decision making and how you can set yourself up for success
  • Learn tools and strategies to help you identify your own personal stressors that negatively impact your behavior and your ability to lead and support your organization’s goals.
  • Create a personal management strategy and practice a technique for building authentic connections in pressure situations or when dealing with challenging people
  • Learn to suspend judgment—become more curious and less certain—to effectively engage and influence others
  • Learn tools and strategies for leveraging your strengths and awareness that will support your success throughout your career
  • Earn a digital Certificate of Participation from the Harvard Division of Continuing Education

Topics Covered

  • Bases of power and influence within an organization
  • Awareness of individual preferences and leadership styles as a tool to becoming a more effective leader
  • Situational leadership and the importance of awareness and agility over the course of your career
  • Leadership and better decision making through a science-based approach to emotional intelligence
  • Tools to manage oneself and others during times of increased pressure and organizational change
  • Connecting either in challenging situations or with challenging people

Who Should Enroll

This online program benefits emerging leaders who are poised and motivated to take on significant managerial responsibility in their organizations. Those with 3-7 years of experience managing people will find this program most beneficial. It is highly recommended for those who want to increase and strengthen their awareness of their preferences and leadership styles as a tool to become better leaders and decision makers over the course of their careers.

Program Information

Program Dates

March 1–3, 2021
Instructor Laura Wilcox
June 2–4, 2021
Instructor Laura Wilcox
August 9–11, 2021
Instructor Laura Wilcox
November 8–10, 2021
Instructor Laura Wilcox

Class Times

March 2021: 3:00—6:30 pm ET
June 2021: 10:00 am—1:30 pm ET
August 2021: 3:00—6:30 pm ET
November 2021: 10:00 am—1:30 pm ET

Program Fee

2021 Program Fee: $2,150


Online (Zoom)


Laura Wilcox has been in academia for over two decades at the intersection of business, innovation, and education at MIT, MIT Sloan, and Harvard. Throughout her career in higher education management, she has a proven track record of leading people and teams, driving new initiatives, advising students/faculty/industry leaders, and creating new programs and products.

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