Artificial Intelligence in Business: Creating Value with Machine Learning

This program last ran in October 2019. Future dates to be announced.

Artificial intelligence has captured the attention of business people, scientists, and engineers worldwide. Across industries leaders are seeking ways to create value through machine learning and other frontier technologies.

Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Alibaba have made commercial strides into AI—from smart bots to facial recognition to semantic analysis. Others like GE and Siemens are dedicating a large share of R&D to the AI-fueled industrial Internet.

If framed correctly, the opportunities for smart applications abound. For example, there’s potential to mitigate climate change via autonomous transportation, or develop better preventative healthcare through predictive modeling.

This program is designed to teach the management and application of artificial intelligence in the global business world. These two days will cover frontier technologies' implications, applications, and opportunities in both public and private sectors. Participants will also learn to determine when to pursue new technologies and how to implement them for organizational purposes.

Program Benefits

  • Learn about trends emerging from the rise of frontier tech
  • Gain strategic perspectives in AI technologies and their dynamics
  • Develop the ability to assess the uncertainty, ambiguity, and challenges of artificial intelligence
  • Learn how to visualize and frame business implications and opportunities stemming from AI
  • Seek an actionable, defensible continued exploration agenda for experimentation
  • Earn a Certificate of Participation from the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education

Topics Covered

  • Converging technologies and the rise of the fourth industrial revolution
  • Artificial intelligence and artificial general purpose intelligence
  • Emerging technologies
  • Big data vs. scattered data
  • Deterministic technologies vs. probabilistic technologies
  • Machine learning (supervised/unsupervised)
  • Deep learning
  • Natural language processing
  • The magna carta for the global AI economy

Who should enroll

If you work in close contact with technologies and want to know how AI and machine learning will transform the business environment in the coming years, this program is suitable for you. The course material is applicable and useful across many fields and positions, including the following:

  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Engineers
  • Developers
  • Researchers
  • Analysts
  • Marketers
  • Bankers