Advanced Business Strategy: Gaining a Competitive Edge

This program last ran in November 2019. Future dates to be announced.

If you’ve reached an inflection point in your career where you’re making increasingly important strategic decisions and have the responsibility of implementing them, this three-day advanced strategy program will prepare you for these challenges.

This program provides you with tools and frameworks for formulating and executing a competitive business strategy. Learn how to maximize your strategic advantage and create industry disruption with a sustainable business model. Expand your ability to analyze market and cost dynamics. Gain insights that allow you to effectively realign your organization when strategy changes.

Through a carefully designed sequence of business cases, classroom discussions, presentations, and group exercises, you will learn what gives winning organizations their edge in terms of competitive strategy and organizational agility.

The title of this program has been changed from Strategic Frameworks for Competitive Advantage. The program content has not changed. 

Program Benefits

  • Construct a competitive business strategy based on sustainable economic advantages and organizational alignment
  • Analyze your business and organizational models, employing field-tested tools and techniques
  • Communicate strategic business choices using language and concepts you can share to build buy-in
  • Prepare for the full spectrum of strategic challenges and opportunities that leaders face
  • Earn a Certificate of Participation from the Harvard University Division of Continuing Education

Topics Covered

  • Analyzing and designing business models
  • Assessing the competitive landscape, including cracks in others’ business models
  • Identifying sources of sustainable cost and differentiation advantage
  • Evaluating financial footprints and the different paths to profitability
  • Relating product uptake to revenue models and investment strategy
  • Connecting and aligning organizational elements
  • Preparing for realignment and strategic change

Who should enroll

This program is ideal for:

  • Senior leaders who want to gain new insights into business strategy, market dynamics, and competitive advantage
  • Leaders moving into new roles where they need to anticipate the complex, interconnected implications of strategic decisions
  • Strategy and finance professionals who want to expand their toolkit related to business design and dynamics

While no specific training is required, ideally, participants will have previously studied strategy or attended a program on the fundamentals of strategy, such as Strategic Business Management. Participants should also have a fundamental understanding of economics.