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Leadership and Management Programs at Harvard

Maximize team productivity, drive breakthrough innovation, and gain a competitive edge for your company. Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, you’ll learn management theories and leadership best practices to help you navigate complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Explore the symbiotic relationship between decision making and leadership to maximize organizational performance.

Gain the critical knowledge and tools you need to make smarter decisions for your organization—and yourself.

Critically assess how culture affects organizations and learn how to create an environment that promotes advancement of people.

In this 2-hour web conference, you will explore the importance of mental agility and flexible thinking, and learn how they promote resiliency.

In times of fatigue, stress, and ambiguity, "fixed mindset traps" can prevent you from operating with a growth mindset. "Thinking traps" can make it difficult to make an accurate assessment of the current situation. This program will enable you to uncover—and overcome—your own personal fixed mindset traps and thinking traps that may be hindering your resiliency and your effectiveness.

Secure a competitive advantage for your organization by developing strategic business management skills.

Today’s workforce is diverse, so it’s not enough to be an expert in traditional management and leadership techniques. Being a successful leader now requires awareness of your own cultural competence and unconscious biases so you can influence and effectively lead multicultural teams. 

In this 4-week online program, you’ll learn ways to assess and improve cultural intelligence, also known as CQ. The assessment taught in this program is based on rigorous, academic research aimed at improving CQ in the education, business, government, and health care sectors. 

Expand your leadership capacity and create an environment that fosters emotional intelligence.

Acquire core business skills to succeed as a leader.

In this leadership training program, you will develop the ability to recognize competing values within your organization, take disparate value propositions of various stakeholders and integrate them into a coherent strategy to help them respond to a wide range of ethical challenges.

Understand the characteristics and applications of data sets in order to communicate effectively with your teams and develop business strategies.

Improve your ability to influence and motivate your audience to accomplish your goals.

Learn leadership coaching strategies to help your team navigate business challenges and maximize performance.

This two-hour web conference will provide practical ways for leaders to look up and ahead to envision their future recovery, and then chart a path to help get their organization and their ecosystem safely through it.

Learn skills and strategies to help your organization successfully transform itself to meet the ever-changing needs of your marketplace and customers.

Evolve your leadership style to lead better and motivate others to accomplish your company's goals.

This specialized program is designed to help managers in healthcare-related organizations take their management skills to the next level and become more effective leaders.

Projects are the engines that drive change, innovation, and productivity. The ability to deliver projects on-time and within scope has become a strategic imperative for organizations and a critical skill for advancing your career. 

Unpack the myths and realities of authentic leadership and provides research-based tools, activities, and strategies to become a more authentic, mindful leader.

When workers truly enjoy their work, their commitment to the company improves, attrition decreases, and productivity increases. This creates the upward spiral of positivity where employees are happier because they feel valued and respected. This translates into better mental health, as well as increased productivity and corporate profitability.

Learn how to build and leverage power responsibly to become a more effective leader.

This 5-week program will blend pre-work, live instruction, self-driven action items, and group consultation to assist emerging women leaders in the development of their key attributes to become strategic leaders.

Be prepared for today's in-demand skills.