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Leadership and Management Programs at Harvard

Maximize team productivity, drive breakthrough innovation, and gain a competitive edge for your company. Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, you’ll learn management theories and leadership best practices to help you navigate complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Gain a deeper understanding of business frameworks and strategic patterns for assessing your organization's challenges and opportunities.

Explore the symbiotic relationship between decision making and leadership to maximize organizational performance.

Participants will leave with learned tools and strategies to expand their ability to become more confident leader and decision makers.

Gain the critical knowledge and tools you need to make smarter decisions for your organization––and yourself.

Learn when and where flawed thinking can occur, how you can intervene, and how you can ultimately make and influence smarter decisions for your organization.

This unique program introduces elements not found in other strategic planning programs, as it provides an end-to-end approach to the strategic planning process at every touchpoint.

Critically assess how culture affects organizations and learn how to create an environment that promotes advancement of people. 

Secure a competitive advantage for your organization by developing strategic business management skills.

Designed for managers, business owners and individual contributors with limited experience in strategy, this online program explores the basic concepts and tools of strategic business management. The overall framework within which managers make decisions, the notion of strategy, and how it relates to competitive advantage will be covered.

Through interactive lectures and engaging group exercises, you will cultivate essential collaborative leadership competencies, and gain the conceptual framework, vision, and tools you need to effectively incorporate these principles.

Gain the skills needed to engage, inform, and inspire others—and improve your ability to communicate as a leader.

Understand the characteristics and applications of data sets in order to communicate effectively with your teams and develop business strategies.

Data literacy has become an essential skill for professionals in all fields, and data-driven decision making is the key to success for many companies and organizations.  Understanding how to use and apply the right data sets can help you make better decisions for your organization and communicate more effectively with your team.

This two-hour web conference mixes expert lecture, case examples, and small group discussions to help leaders change their approaches to decision-making today.

Learn strategies, practical tools, and proven techniques to sway a group to your point of view and help you project a more polished and professional image.

Through small group activities and real-time feedback, you will put these techniques into practice, test out new approaches, and learn to communicate with poise, clarity, and conviction to inspire action.

Expand your leadership capacity and create an environment that fosters emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a powerful component of effective leadership. It’s the ability to recognize and positively manage emotions in yourself, others, and among groups. This 2-day intensive online program is designed to help you gain an honest awareness of yourself and how your behavior impacts others. We’ll move beyond the basics of emotional intelligence to concentrate on using it to build trust, manage difficult discussions, build resilience, enhance team performance, and lead for long-term success.

Acquire core business skills to succeed as a leader.

Presented over three months, this intensive fully online program is designed to help new managers master core business concepts and build key skills in six subject areas, including leadership, strategy, marketing, communication, and negotiation. 

Learn the skills and tactics to assess and refine new business ideas that aim to create value for a consumer, company, or organization.

In this leadership training program, you will develop the ability to recognize competing values within your organization, take disparate value propositions of various stakeholders and integrate them into a coherent strategy to help them respond to a wide range of ethical challenges.

Improve your ability to influence and motivate your audience to accomplish your goals. 

Through interactive exercises, you will improve your ability to influence and motivate others to buy products, services, and ideas.

 In this two-hour web conference, we will use scenarios, small group discussions, and exercises to create a dynamic, learning environment.

Learn leadership coaching strategies to help your team navigate business challenges and maximize performance.

Designed for managers and leaders who have direct reports, this is a foundational online program about the world of coaching. Coaching is a skill anyone can learn and one which we can all improve. 

This program provides the tools and techniques designed to enhance personal communication style, while challenging participants to step outside of their comfort zone to adapt to the needs of any audience.

Develop an understanding of who you are as a leader, and learn how you can evolve attitudes and build skills to become a more effective manager in a remote environment. 

Enhance your team’s productivity to boost your organization’s capabilities.

This two-hour web conference will provide practical ways for leaders to look up and ahead to envision their future recovery, and then chart a path to help get their organization and their ecosystem safely through it.

Learn skills and strategies to help your organization successfully transform itself to meet the ever-changing needs of your marketplace and customers.

Evolve your leadership style to lead better and motivate others to accomplish your company’s goals.

Designed to help managers become more effective leaders, this two-day online program delves into the fundamentals of managing yourself, leading teams, and motivating others. 

This specialized program is designed to help managers in healthcare-related organizations take their management skills to the next level and become more effective leaders.

This new online professional development series offers 2-hour live web conferences in an intensive and highly interactive format.

The concepts and tools explored in this program will help you understand characteristics that correlate with high employee performance, helping you make better strategic hiring and management decisions. 

People analytics is a data-driven approach to people-related decisions, designed for managers at all levels. More than simply an understanding of statistical analyses, it’s about leveraging data to make better decisions about hiring, managing, and developing the people in your organization. 

The concepts and tools explored in this online program will help you understand characteristics that correlate with high employee performance, helping you make better strategic hiring and management decisions. 

Learn proven sales management strategies and techniques to lead yourself, your direct reports, and your organization.

Examine change management strategies and turn innovative ideas into roadmaps for action.

Unpack the myths and realities of authentic leadership and provides research-based tools, activities, and strategies to become a more authentic, mindful leader.

Refine your consulting abilities through proven techniques to improve organizational effectiveness.

 Learn how to build and leverage power responsibly to become a more effective leader.

This joint program invites emerging women in leadership and their senior leaders within an organization to attend intensive sessions meant to foster leadership, professional growth, and gender equity in the workplace.

Be prepared for today's in-demand skills.