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Innovation Strategy Programs at Harvard

Creativity is critical to solving complex challenges and leading organizational change. In our programs, you can learn to build a culture that sparks inspiration and collaboration, develop your ability to think creatively, and ensure your next innovation project is set up for success. Through interactive lectures and dynamic discussions that draw on proven theories, you’ll learn the skills, techniques, and strategies you need to successfully sustain growth and gain a competitive advantage for your organization.

Leverage new technologies to build value for your organization.

Learn how to grow a culture of creativity to innovate competitive solutions.

Learn the skills and tactics to assess and refine new business ideas that aim to create value for a consumer, company, or organization.

Identify and capitalize on emerging growth opportunities in fast-expanding markets.

Strengthen your organization’s capacity to drive innovation and achieve greater results.

Learn skills and strategies to help your organization successfully transform itself to meet the ever-changing needs of your marketplace and customers.

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