Understanding How Cash Flow Differs from Profitability

Your small business may be making a profit, but are you keeping an eye on your cash flow? The cash flow budget is an essential type of financial forecasting. The following articles offers some insights on the difference between profit and cash flow, and provide tips on cash flow forecasting.

The Cash Flow Learning Curve

How could this hair salon owner be making a profit and still not have any money? Why it’s crucial to keep track of where the money and debt are located.

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More Than Just Accrual Accounting

Cash flow statements have three sections—operations (cash generation), investing (cash outflows), and financing (debt and equity transactions)—all of which may reveal how a company pays the bills while still earning money.

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The Importance of Creating a Budget

Inc. offers tips for creating an effective cash flow budget. The reporter stresses the importance of reviewing, updating, and sharing the budget regularly, and using it to meet financial goals.

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Upcoming Programs on Cash Flow Statements

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