New Year’s Resolutions from Inspiring Professionals

Leaders Across Industries Share Their 2017 Goals

To help kick off 2017, we asked nine professionals to share their New Year’s resolutions. Their goals, while personal, carry a universal message: that there's always value in investing in growth and development—for the benefit of your organization, your colleagues, and yourself. See how these individuals plan to recharge, unplug, and reconnect this year. 

Tanya Bracco. Photo: Zimbio.

Tanya Michnevich Bracco

Executive in Charge of Production and Supervising Producer at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

I’m happy with my current job and always seek to learn more and perfect my position. My workload, however, is huge: a daily show delivery, future projects that involve significant coordination, and 200 staff and crew to collaborate with. All this with over 100 incoming e-mails a day, many of which need acknowledgement and responses, in addition to e-mails I generate. Communication is the key to success. Too much can bog down a “machine,” and too little can break it.

That said, my main goal in 2017 is to master the art of time management. I hope to accomplish as much as possible in a 10- or 12-hour workday (including time at home answering those e-mails), while maintaining an open-door policy at the office and giving each project proper attention.

How to accomplish it? That’s the million-dollar question. I need to instill a sense of urgency in people when we’re meeting to discuss a problem, project, or situation: be concise, prepared, and ready to offer solutions.

I need to “close the door” and dedicate time to work on projects instead of letting the day’s schedule dictate my availability, and regularly staying late at the office as a result.

I need to be more selective of meetings I take, though most are not optional.

And I need to set two nights a week to stay late and concentrate on time-consuming projects, and two nights to leave early to allow for balance and a life outside of work. In turn, it should make me more productive, balanced, and happy. Fingers crossed!

Steve Kim

Legal Counsel at Spotify

My goal for 2017 is to really develop as a leader both within the company and for my team. I've been really lucky to have mentors who really invested in me with guidance and support, and so my big plan is to pay it forward and help my team and friends develop their efforts to become leaders in their own right.

Charlie Coyle

Professional Hockey Player for Minnesota Wild

My ultimate goal in 2017 is to win the Stanley Cup. To accomplish this, I'll need to meet my individual goals, as well as our team goals. They include scoring and contributing more on the score sheet, and being a more consistent player for my team, night in and night out.

My plan of action is to work on my weaknesses in the game, and to continue with a strong work ethic in practice and in the weight room. That translates to out-working my opponent come game time. Taking care of my body by getting the proper nutrition and rest will also be crucial to meeting my goals.

Jenni Kayne

Jenni Kayne

Founder of Jenni Kayne

As my brand and business continue to grow, my goal is to continue building brand awareness, particularly in regions outside of California where all of our retail stores are established. My team and I are also focusing on growing our online presence.

We plan to accomplish these goals through strategic digital and product partnerships, events, and a more focused social media strategy. We are also experimenting with video for the first time as a brand, and we’re excited to launch branded videos alongside our spring/summer 2017 collection!

Sean Dorsey

NY Finance Manager at Soho House & Co.

I currently manage a financial team that oversees all functions for Soho House NY, and the new Ludlow House on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

For 2017 I want to work closely with the general managers of both properties to ensure they have all the tools they need from my team to function as seamlessly as possible for our guests, and also for our employees in the front and back of the houses.

I’m also looking forward to opening Cecconi's restaurant, our first Brooklyn project in Dumbo. It will open this summer, and much of 2017 will be focused on that. It requires calculated and considered preopening financial planning, and analysis through the opening and beyond.

I plan to accomplish it by providing my team, which I rely on, with all the tools possible to succeed. Setting everyone up for success and then building on that will only strengthen the company and make it a better place to work. The Apollo program quote “It won’t fail because of me” is certainly applicable.

Holly Parker

Clinical Psychologist, Harvard University Lecturer, and Author of When Reality Bites: How Denial Helps and What to Do When It Hurts

A few professional firsts are happening for me in 2017. I'm branching out and trying new roles, opportunities, and experiences. They'll take me outside of my comfort zone and will involve a steep learning curve, and I'm guaranteed to stumble along the way.

I'm intentionally viewing every mistake as a welcome lesson that I can draw from as I try to improve my capacity to help people and to be a better psychologist, writer, speaker, and overall human being.

Oliver Holmes

Oliver Holmes

Southeast Asia Correspondent at The Guardian

Journalists can get bogged down reporting on the same events, meaning very similar stories are found on every news website. For readers, that means you’re less likely to be loyal to one paper because they all appear identical.

What has always worked for me is when I focus on unearthing news—not being afraid to miss the story everyone else is reporting on, if it means I have time to work towards breaking an exclusive article later on. I cover more than a dozen countries so I can’t keep up with all developments. But my professional resolution is to differentiate our reporting by working on unique stories.

First, you’ve got to get off the internet. Journalists are stuck in front of their screens, and in the worst cases there is an assumption that everything to be found out is on the web. It’s not true. I’m going to continue to get out and speak to people, make trips around Southeast Asia, and look for stories the old fashioned way.

Mark Lawson

Histopathology Supervisor at Mitra Biotech

I was recently hired as a lab manager for Mitra Biotech, biotech startup. My main career goal for the year is to have my lab pass federal and accreditation agency lab inspections. I also want to have the lab functioning as a well-oiled machine. In addition, I plan on getting board certified in something called immunohistochemistry, which is used to detect diseases including cancer.

I plan on accomplishing all of my goals by putting in the hours at the lab, organizing my team of scientists, studying, and drinking lots of coffee.

John Bain

Vice President of Sales at First Aid Beauty

My three goals for my company this year are to raise awareness, expand internationally, and drive sales conversion—in that order. To accomplish them, I need to start by getting retailers to see the potential of the brand and what makes it unique.

First Aid Beauty is a bridge between the mass and luxury markets. We have mass positioning but a more luxurious product and price point. Once we have the retailers on board, we can become a recruitment tool for transitioning mass-market clients into the prestige beauty category, which is a step up from drugstore brands.

The strategy is simple: plan, program, see conversion, repeat. I’m aiming for world domination!

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