Break Out of Groundhog Day: 10 Ways to Get Out of a Workplace Rut

When every day feels like yesterday, breaking out of a workplace rut can be a challenge. Here are 10 easy ways to shake up the 9 to 5 routine.

  1. Hold an impromptu brainstorming session for a task you've been avoiding, and offer to repay the favor to coworkers.
  2. Move a regular meeting to a cafe for a change of scenery and a mugful of energy.
  3. Mentor junior employees over lunch to gain a fresh perspective on the status quo.
  4. Turn off your phone, close your office door, and focus on one project, completely uninterrupted.
  5. Break for five minutes of desk-side yoga to destress your body and mind.
  6. Enroll in an evening class that you look forward to—something that flexes a part of your brain neglected at the office.
  7. Hang a discrete mood-board by your desk. Swap out pictures, quotes, and other motivating odds-and-ends on a regular basis.
  8. Make an event out of a recurring meeting by treating the team to pastries or pizza.
  9. Work through your daily schedule backwards. Tackle afternoon tasks first thing in the morning, and postpone morning tasks until after lunch.
  10. Skip the routine altogether, and take a mental health day to recharge and refresh. Your work—and state of mind—will be better for it.

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