Are Your Social Posts Valuable—to Your Customers and Your Organization?

The Weekly Brief: Quick Tips & Tools to Apply at Work

As social media platforms change, so must your strategy. Creating a constant supply of fresh content is no guarantee that a critical mass of followers will see—or engage with—a given post. To build a robust and active social media following in a rapidly changing landscape, companies need to become much more intentional about the content they offer. As an exercise, ensuring your social media content meets the following two criteria will give you a good sense of how solid the foundation of your social media strategy is:

  • The content must address a customer’s want or need. If your posts don’t have a clear benefit to your readers, then your audience is not going to follow, share, or engage with your content.
  • Content must address a real business objective—beyond brand awareness—that furthers the company’s marketing strategy and aims. Can you engage customers in a conversation about a new product? Provide your audience with thought-provoking articles about industry trends, which they could then share with colleagues who might be interested in your services?

By using these criteria to shape your company’s social media content, you’re likely to shed light on ways to more effectively communicate with your customers. It's a very simple exercise, but a smart way to inform your content planning efforts.

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