3 Tips for Breaking through Creative Block

Sometimes the hardest part of idea generation is the start. Why is it so overwhelming? Are we afraid our ideas won’t work? Are we afraid we will be judged?

Here are three tips for overcoming creative block and getting those creative juices flowing.

1. Get Up from Your Desk and Take a Break.

Studies show that to stay on schedule, you’ll be more productive if you take a break. Take a short walk outside, or climb the stairs in your building for a few circuits.

The point is to take a respite from the stress you’ve put yourself under and let your mind wander. You can also ask a colleague to bounce ideas around for a few minutes. He or she will benefit from the short break just as much as you, and your collaboration could lead to a stronger idea.

2. Go to a Place Where You Can Let Your Ideas Flow Uninhibited.

Go to a room with windows, natural light, high ceilings and a white board. Write. Draw. Don’t confine your thoughts to the walls of your cubicle or the blinking cursor. An increasing body of research has shown that architecture and design influence our moods, thoughts, and health.

3. Remember, Nothing Is Off Limits.

Be fantastical, futuristic. Dream the impossible. Think BIG. You need one great idea? To get over that creative block, it’s actually easier to come up with 100 ideas and whittle down your list later on. There are no limits (yet). It’s important to capture all of your ideas. Revisions will come later. See 5 freewriting exercises in Psychology Today.

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