3 Coaching Books to Help You Be a More Inspiring Manager

The Weekly Brief: Quick Tips & Tools to Apply in Your Work

What separates average managers from truly great ones? One key quality is the ability to develop and inspire employees. For this week’s back-to-school installment we recommend three books—and a bonus video—to help you adopt a stronger coaching mentality and become a more inspiring leader.

Coaching Questions: A Coach's Guide to Powerful Asking Skills

To be an effective coach, you have to ask a lot of questions. But asking the right questions, in the right way, takes skill. Author Tony Stoltzfus offers practical models, tools, and strategies for inquiry. He also provides examples of powerful questions and discusses how to correct common coaching mistakes.

The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More, and Change the Way You Lead Forever

If you find the practice of coaching a challenge, author Michael Bungay Stanier provides tools for coaching successfully—and for building the habit into your day-to-day work. To help you shift from advisor to coach, he outlines seven different types of questions that can help you explore challenges, focus conversations, work more efficiently, and more.

Unlocking Potential: 7 Coaching Skills That Transform Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Michael K. Simpson champions the idea that helping people thrive in their work helps organizations thrive overall. And every manager–coach must begin by building trust. In this book, Simpson provides strategies for establishing trust, then moves through six other key skills, including tapping into one’s potential, inspiring commitment, and seeing goals come to fruition.

The Puzzle of Motivation

In his TED Talk, career analyst Dan Pink challenges us all to rethink the way we motivate employees. In essence, Pink emphasizes three points that every manager–coach should put into practice: give people autonomy, support their ongoing growth and development, and emphasize the greater purpose of their work.   

Dan Pink delivers a TED Talk