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Lifelong Learning: The Evolving Future of Higher Education


The path to higher education is becoming a choose-your-own-adventure. While historically adults returned to school to finish a degree or pursue graduate studies, the demands of the new economy will…

Honoring Trailblazers in the Fight for Human Rights


In honor of this day, we’ve compiled a list of quotes from great leaders who have fought for the rights of marginalized groups. We hope they inspire you to stand up for someone’s rights today.

Addressing the Orphan Crisis in Ethiopia

Student Success Story

A psychology graduate student works for the well-being of orphans in her home country of Ethiopia.

Brian Mast looks out into Harvard Yard

A Veteran Sets His Sights on Harvard, and Congress

Student Success Story

Here, the air was cold and clean, the walls lime green and somehow familiar. Where were his men? “Do you know where you are?” said a soft voice in an East Coast accent.

What Zombies Can Teach Us About Leadership and Ethics

Faculty Insight

A faculty member uses a pandemic simulation to help students explore the ethical dilemmas of emergency situations.

Studying Sustainability at a Distance

Student Success Story

Q&A with Molly Smith, a candidate for the Master of Liberal Arts in the field of sustainability.

Portrait of Amma Bonsu

Rewriting the Immigrant Experience

Student Success Story

A native of Ghana and journalism alumna feeds a passion for storytelling. 

Working Toward a Just World

Faculty Insight

For Mathias Risse, a government instructor, the question of global justice is one of the great challenges of our time.

A child walks the streets of a favela in Rio

An Alumnus' Commitment to the Community in Rio's Favelas

Student Success Story

Zak Paster, ALM ’14, navigated complex legal issues to create Community in Action, an NGO.

Modern Islam and the West

Faculty Insight