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Man taking an online course at night

Going the Distance: Why Online Learning Works


Find out why online learning is so popular, what methods make it effective, and where it all began. 

Adult students participating in active learning

Active Learning Challenges Old Education Models


Quality online courses that utilize active learning methods may provide the best of both worlds for working adults who choose to return to school: the collaborative, real-world skill-building of a…

Harvard Extension School graduates

How to Set Goals and Achieve Balance—in and Outside the Classroom


Learn how solid goals and time management can help you achieve success.

Woman facing a university

What You Should Know When Considering a Graduate Program


Considering a graduate degree? Browse our tips to navigate the journey. 

How Students Balance Full-Time Work and School


Returning to school has its challenges. Here we explore how students balance it all. 

The Value of a Graduate Certificate


Learn about the market for graduate certificates, and discover the differences between a certificate and degree.

Tips for How to Succeed as an Online Student


Explore these 10 helpful tips for success as an online student.

Show Off Your Academic Athleticism in These 10 Courses


Challenging your intellectual strength and agility in these fall courses.

Cut the Clutter: 17 Phrases to Omit from Your Writing Today

Faculty Insight

The ability to write effectively gives anyone a competitive edge in their career. Learn one trick for honing these skills. 

7 Tips to Start Your Extension Semester Off Right


Whether you're taking a class online or studying on campus, these tips—suggested by our advisors and current students—can help set yourself up for success this semester.