Show Off Your Academic Athleticism in These 10 Courses

During the Olympics, we sit in awe of athletes accomplishing incredible feats of strength and agility. You may not be an Olympic qualifier, but heading back into the classroom to tackle a new subject requires the same strength, discipline, and perseverance. Show off your mental athleticism this fall by challenging yourself in the following academic events.

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Take a leap and immerse yourself in a single subject. These intensive introductory courses prime you to become a subject-matter expert.

Deep Sea Biology

Take a deep dive into the habitats, animals, and microorganisms that live far below the ocean’s surface.

Explaining Lincoln: Understanding Abraham Lincoln Through His Writings

Discover the many facets of Abraham Lincoln—aspiring poet, humorous storyteller, awkward suitor, and ambitious and shrewd politician.

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Balance Beam

Gracefully balance complementary concepts and theories from multiple disciplines. These courses inspire new perspectives and ideas.

Museums, Public Programs, and Social Change

Explore the opportunity for museums to inspire civic engagement and social movements through public programs that expand interpretations and promote tolerance.

Utopia and Dystopia in Fiction and Philosophy

Explore classic and contemporary social and political theory through the lens of film and literature.

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Long Jump

Push your boundaries and spring forward into the future. These courses explore the latest advances in technology and encourage you to think innovatively.

Gene Therapy and Gene Editing

Study advances in gene therapy and gene editing as a potential cure for genetic and infectious diseases and grapple with the challenges of applying genetic modification in humans.

Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things

Master creating, securing, and maintaining applications in the Cloud and lead us into the future where everything—from your watch to your coffee pot—is connected.

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Weigh in on controversial concepts and ethical dilemmas. These courses challenge you to think critically about beliefs, rights, and justice.

Biomedical Ethics

Discuss complex ethical issues in the medical field, such as euthanasia, eugenics, reproductive control, and the right to health care.

The Nazi Looting of European Art

Study the Nazi plundering and destruction of art and its aftermath, including contemporary disputes over the restitution of art stolen from Holocaust victims.

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Synchronized Sports

Collaborate with your classmates and discover what you can achieve when you coordinate your strengths. Teamwork is essential to success in these courses.

Empowering Adult Online Learning

Collaboratively design and develop online lessons for adult learners, using tools and techniques for understanding your audience needs, ideating and rapid prototyping, and conducting assessments.

Video Field Production

Learn the basics of single-camera video production, and work in small groups to create a short documentary or narrative film scene.

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