Harvard Extension School Class of 2017 by the Numbers

Harvard Commencement 2017

On Thursday, May 25, 2017, over 800 students will graduate from Harvard Extension School. We are in awe of our students who hail from across the globe and whose hard work and perseverance led them to this incredible accomplishment. In this infographic, we proudly present to you the Class of 2017 by the numbers.

Harvard Extension School Class of 2017 infographic

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HU_2018_GoCrimson! (not verified) replied:

CONGRATS!! This is superb!

May 12, 20171:37pm

Tina Huston (not verified) replied:

Congratulations to all! You are all so inspiring!

May 12, 20172:55pm

Rubeel -Pakistan (not verified) replied:

Congratulations to class 2017. may you all have bright future ahead!

May 12, 20173:16pm

Ricky Diaz (not verified) replied:

Fantastic stats!

May 12, 20174:33pm

Rad Dey (not verified) replied:

Part time Ph.D. in clinical/social psychology possible ? If so, what are the chances to receive Graduate scholarship/financial support to complete the program? Can a senior citizen enroll this program and expect the financial support to finish the courses for the Degree. Thank you.

May 12, 20175:12pm

antoinette replied:

Thank you for your interest in Harvard Extension School! I recommend that you reach out to our Enrollment Services team, who can answer your questions in detail. You can contact them by completing this short form: www.extension.harvard.edu/request-information, calling (617) 495-4024 , or emailing inquiry@extension.harvard.edu.

May 23, 20173:04pm

Nasir Mohammed (not verified) replied:

I am very much interested taking courses of Extension School with the view of obtainin certificate in Sustainability or Sustainable Development, but I have been constrained by lack of funds; one day!

May 12, 20175:55pm

Ana Paola Nunes (not verified) replied:

Totally AWESOME ! Congratulations class of 2017 ! " What is now proved was only once imagined " William Blake

May 12, 20176:22pm

The Johnson Fam... (not verified) replied:

Andre' Johnson we are so very, very, proud of you. We are overjoyed. We love you for your commitment and strength of finishing strong. We will be there with bells and whistles on to watch you walk across that stage! WE LOVE YOU.................Time for that doctorate!

May 12, 20176:36pm

Rita Jane (not verified) replied:

Congrats Veronica Wolf!! So happy and proud of you!!

May 12, 20178:33pm

EDUARDO MORENO (not verified) replied:


May 13, 20171:35am

W Pate (not verified) replied:

Congrats !!!! ( I will be there soon )

May 13, 20176:43am

Maureen Panuel-... (not verified) replied:

What is the name of this program you are offering? It's a 2 year on-line/on-campus Masters degree.

May 13, 20179:26am

antoinette replied:

Harvard Extension School offers a range of academic options—courses, certificates, degrees, and professional development programs. Explore your options by visiting the Academics page in the main menu. I also recommend getting in touch with our Enrollment Services team to talk through what program is the right fit for you. You can contact them by completing this short form: www.extension.harvard.edu/request-information, calling (617) 495-4024 , or emailing inquiry@extension.harvard.edu.

May 23, 20173:11pm

Teri Nolan Range (not verified) replied:

Amazing accomplishments! Congratulations to all! ❤️

May 17, 20179:07pm

Pamela Jimenez (not verified) replied:

Congratulations to Sunil Lala and the class of 2017!

May 19, 20178:48pm

Issa Alusine Se... (not verified) replied:

Good to see but some of us lack the facilities . I am sierra Leonean who want have quality education to serve the Globe .

May 19, 201710:07pm

Tina Robertson (not verified) replied:

Congratulations to all, and thanks to HES for providing such a rich environment of learning.

May 20, 20179:31am

Shannon Moon, A... (not verified) replied:

Congrats graduates!

May 20, 201712:45pm

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