Harvard Extension School Class of 2016 by the Numbers

Harvard Extension School Commencement

This Thursday, May 26, approximately 800 students will graduate from Harvard Extension School—our largest graduating class to date! We are in awe of our students who hail from across the globe and whose hard work and perseverance led them to this incredible accomplishment. In this infographic, we proudly present to you the Class of 2016 by the numbers.

Inforgraphic: Class of 2016

Infographic: Harvard Extension School Class of 2016

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Amador Raga (not verified) replied:

Great job. Congratulations to the Class of 2016. How many are from the Philippines, and may I know their names, please? Thank you!

May 24, 20165:06pm

MC (not verified) replied:

You may want to check this article from Inquirer: http://globalnation.inquirer.net/140275/inquirer-editor-wins-best-thesis-in-harvard You may also want to check this from the Harvard FAS Office of Career Services: http://ocsharvard.tumblr.com/tagged/Phillippines

September 25, 20162:15pm

lawrence (not verified) replied:

Do you have a print copy of this year's commencement program? Please contact me.

May 24, 20165:45pm

leslie replied:

Hi, Lawrence. If you're graduating, you'll receive a copy tomorrow at the ceremony. If not, you may reach out to your degree program office to see if they have an extra copy that they can give to you. All best, Leslie

May 25, 201612:53pm

Georgi Gold (not verified) replied:

A heartfelt congratulations to my Harvard E. Classmates! Continued success to the entire class of 2016.

May 24, 20166:19pm

Obiora Ibe (not verified) replied:

Congratulations to all the graduates......

May 24, 20167:02pm

Ogechi Dike (not verified) replied:

Awesome! Congrats to them! I look forward to enrolling too. I dream to go through Harvard too!

May 24, 20167:32pm

leslie replied:

Ogechi, We'd be happy to have you. Have you filled out our information form so that you can connect with a member of our enrollment services team? You can find the form here on this page: http://www.extension.harvard.edu/request-information Good luck! Leslie

May 25, 201612:59pm

Garv Gianchetta (not verified) replied:

Make that 43 states counting Idaho! I took five ALM courses in Idaho before moving to Cambridge for three semesters to complete the degree--all while maintaining my Idaho residency as a student.

May 25, 20161:22am

leslie replied:

Thanks for the correction, Garv. Congratulations! If you're ever interested in sharing your story with us, please ask your academic advisor to connect you with me, Leslie, on the marketing team.

May 25, 20161:04pm

Arikibe okechukwu (not verified) replied:

Congratulations to you all. Well deserved honour after the rigorous study hours.

May 25, 20163:04am

Esmat koko (not verified) replied:

Pleasantly I would like to participate in enrolling in Harvard University law school

May 25, 20165:41am

CK (not verified) replied:

It would be great to see which industries the graduate students work and jobs offered after graduation

May 25, 20167:58am

Teri Nolan Range (not verified) replied:

Agreed! Would love to see the industries and success stories of these students! Congratulations to all!

August 8, 201611:47pm

Chaplain Michae... (not verified) replied:

Congratulation to the HES Class of 2016! This is indeed a milestone for HES and the Harvard family at large. I do plan on returning to HES some time in the near future (ALM, Religion) to add my name to this illustrious Alumni. Great things are ahead for this class and I hope that many will now accept the wonderful fact that HES is indeed a vital part of the Harvard family.

May 25, 20169:49am

BRYAN F. FERRICK (not verified) replied:

Congradulation to class of 2016. ( ALB: class of 1986. )

May 25, 20161:21pm

JMD (not verified) replied:

Congratulations to my fellow 2016 classmates! I'd love to know how many are Harvard employees, and what is the average age of the students getting their Master's tomorrow. I suppose you could add a Polish flag to the list - I'm a dual citizen of both the U.S. and Poland. (ALM, 2016; ALB, 1998)

May 25, 20165:25pm

kofi kyei (not verified) replied:

Congrats to class of 2016,i hope to be part and parcel in the foreseeable future. I wish to be part of the Harvard family.

May 26, 201610:37am

Dr. Fang Li (not verified) replied:

Big Congratulations to all of you. Hopefully I will soon be part of Crimson!

May 27, 20162:37pm

Daniel Murray (not verified) replied:

Congrats to the HES Class of 2016.

May 27, 20166:46pm

Cassie Brown (not verified) replied:

I love these stats! How cool, and what a great presentation. Thank you.

May 30, 20162:43pm

Kathleen O'Connor (not verified) replied:

Congrats is soo in order to each of you. You made your dream come true! You are the best of the best! My sincere desire is to follow in your footsteps !

May 31, 20166:05pm

Kathleen O'Connor (not verified) replied:

Congrats is soo in order to each of you. You made your dream come true! You are the best of the best! My sincere desire is to follow in your footsteps !

May 31, 20166:06pm

Michael Coleman (not verified) replied:

It has always been a dream of mine to attend Harvard!!!And I plan on going 2017 !!!!!!

June 22, 20163:00am

Hosam Eldeen Mostafa (not verified) replied:

Congratulations to all graduates, hope I will join you soon.

July 5, 201612:42pm

Omer Mustafa (not verified) replied:

Looking forward for some on campus Entrepreneurial courses for Spring Intake From Pakistan. The number above really intrigues me. Congratulations to all the graduates.

August 1, 201611:58am

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