Climate Change, Security, & Immigration: 6 Spring Courses to Explore

When building your academic schedule this spring, consider these 6 courses that dive into topics featured in today's headlines.

Climate change, immigration, and international security are some of the most hotly debated issues in today’s society. They spark conversation among politicians and citizens alike.

This spring, Harvard Extension brings the debate into the classroom, while offering insight into the history and complexity of these issues.

Building a Green Future

Can we slow the effects of climate change? What role do lawmakers and private actors play in environmental policy development?

A sustainable future depends on innovative and actionable environmental management solutions.

In Energy and Climate: Vision for the Future, you’ll explore ways to create a future free of climate-altering fossil fuels. The class discusses the promise of zero-carbon energy alternatives, including wind, solar, geothermal, and nuclear.

If you want to spur action, The Law and Policy of Climate Change: Influencing Decision Makers outlines the legal and regulatory process surrounding the environment. You’ll also gain experience relevant to designing, influencing, and implementing climate change strategies.

A Changing America

What does it mean to be American today? In what ways has democracy changed since the country was founded?

In polarized times, a deeper understanding of democracy can help citizens navigate political and social issues.

American racial, ethnic, and immigration orders have been changing at a dizzying pace. Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration: From Obama to Trump examines what has gotten better, and worse, since the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

Over the past few decades, our understanding of democracy has evolved significantly. Join the debate and familiarize yourself with contemporary democratic theory in Democracy and Its Discontents.

Global Conflict and Security

In an increasingly connected world, how can we best manage conflict and reduce security threats?

In Introduction to the Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Cybersecurity—taught by MIT experts—you can explore how advances in these fields influences the design of complex information systems.

International Conflict and Cooperation provides insight into to the causes and character of conflict and cooperation. In particular, the class explores the roles that psychology, leaders, and domestic politics play in how nations interact.   

Classes start in January. Register soon.

General registration is open through January 21. If you miss that deadline, there is still time to register with a $50 late between January 22 and 29. Just remember, courses with limited enrollment may fill early. 

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Jose P Eduardo (not verified) replied:

I'd love to be part of one of those courses but right now I really don't have the resources necessary to cover for fees, tuitions, books and other expenses. Thanks for all the info you sent me. JP Eduardo.

December 17, 20159:16pm

Robert Salter (not verified) replied:

What courses will be offered this summer for the Strategic Management professional certificate program? R 314.220.1587

December 17, 20159:46pm

antoinette replied:

Thanks for you interest in summer courses, Robert. Visit the Harvard Summer School website ( at the end of the month, when courses are scheduled to be published. Summer courses will also appear in the certificate course search around the same time. Here is the link to the Strategic Management certificate course search:

January 13, 20163:34pm

myrna (not verified) replied:

These are great titles

December 17, 201511:49pm

Pramesh KC (not verified) replied:

Dear Admission director; I would like to join the class for Big data course, I am just wondering to know whether I get the registered or not. I got masters degree in management and Bachelor degree in Computer information system. Currently, I am living in Nepal. Regards Pramesh

December 18, 20151:50am

antoinette replied:

We're happy you're interested in the big data course, Pramesh. Fill out our request for information form, and a member of our Enrollment Services team will be happy to assist you. The form is at this URL: Best, Antoinette

January 13, 20163:36pm

Mohammad Moazze... (not verified) replied:

I want to know about the courses on security

December 18, 20153:09am

antoinette replied:

Mohammad, great to hear you are interested in other courses we offer on security. I suggest browsing our course catalog to find additional courses you may be interested in: Best, Antoinette

January 13, 20163:41pm

Mabel Webb (not verified) replied:

I'd love to take one of those courses but my main interest involves education and more specifically globalised education.

December 18, 20154:55pm

antoinette replied:

Mabel, thanks for your interest in our course offerings. Browse our course catalog to find courses in education: Best, Antoinette

January 13, 20163:56pm

M. srinivas Rao (not verified) replied:

I'd love to part of one of those courses(Climate change- Building green Energy for future). Presently i am working as a Private secretary to Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha),INDIA, .I want have this course online or distance education method. having over 22 years experience in dealing with government, private ,and non-governmental organisations in different fields. Please let me know at the early date.

December 19, 20151:35am

antoinette replied:

Glad to hear you're interested in learning more about sustainability. Visit our course catalog and use the left menu to filter your search to find all of our online course offerings: Best, Antoinette

January 13, 20164:00pm

Robert B. Pojas... (not verified) replied:

"Fundamentals of Organizational Sustainability" (ENVR E-105) helps students learn about sustainability from the perspective of an organization in a community setting rather than the perspective of a corporation. They are quite different. The syllabus and important information on the course can be found on the website.

January 12, 201611:25am

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