Announcing New Financial Accounting Course Offered in Collaboration with HBX

HBX Financial Accounting Principles at Harvard Extension School

November 6, 2017

In collaboration with HBX, a digital learning initiative from the faculty at Harvard Business School (HBS), Harvard Extension School has announced the addition of a new Financial Accounting Principles course to be offered in spring 2018.

Update: Summer Session

Update: A seven-week session of this course is now being offered through Harvard Summer School. The course will run June 23–August 11, 2018.

Image: V.G. Narayanan

V.G. Narayanan, HBS professor and instructor of Financial Accounting Principles
V.G. Narayanan, HBS professor and instructor of Financial Accounting Principles

Taught by HBS professor V.G. Narayanan, this course expands on the accounting course of the HBX Credential of Readiness (CORe) program—an online program designed by HBS faculty teach the fundamentals of business—and offers students the opportunity to earn college-level credits.

Professor Narayanan is the Thomas D. Casserly, Jr. Professor of Business Administration and has been teaching accounting at Harvard Business School for the last 20 years. His course aims to provide students with a foundation in financial accounting, covering the basics of profit, revenue, assets, and liabilities. Students will learn to prepare financial statements, interpret a balance sheet, and analyze a cash flow statement. Through short-video lectures, cases featuring real companies, interactive exercises, and virtual online sections, students will emerge with a deeper understanding of financial accounting methodology and application in a number of business scenarios.

“Sound understanding of basic accounting is essential to successfully communicate in the business world regardless of your role,” said HBS professor V. G. Narayanan. “This collaboration with Harvard Extension School provides a platform to extend this fundamental knowledge to emerging and practicing business professionals beyond the HBX CORe experience. It also offers an expansion of the course curriculum to include more in-depth assignments, practice, and assessments to provide a strong foundation in accounting for students who are applying this course towards a certificate or degree program.”

This course is part of Harvard Extension School’s continuing collaboration with HBX. In January 2016, the two institutions began offering eight undergraduate credits to individuals in Harvard Extension School’s Bachelor of Liberal Arts Program who successfully completed HBX CORe, as well as students from other institutions that grant transfer credits.

Since the collaboration was launched in 2016, more than 250 students have participated in the for-credit option of HBX CORe. “As an entrepreneur, mentor, and educator, I can safely say that HBX has shown me the future of education. It is worth every penny and is definitely something I'd recommend to anyone looking to enrich their business education,” said HBX CORe student Budd Royce Lam.

“Through this latest collaboration with HBX and Professor V.G. Narayanan, we have the exciting opportunity to further extend the expertise of Harvard’s premier faculty and resources and deliver an innovative and quality education to students across the globe,” said Huntington D. Lambert, dean of continuing education at Harvard University.

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Registration for summer courses is open through May 21. Late registration ($200 late fee applies) is open May 21 through June 27.
To read more about CORe and apply for the Harvard Extension School credit option or the non-credit version of CORe:

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