10 Courses to Help You Navigate a Heated Political Climate

The current state of American politics is not business as usual. No matter what side of the political aisle you’re on, now is the time to stay informed and engaged.

Important debates are occurring that could forever shift our view of presidential power, the electoral process, the media’s role in politics, foreign relations, and more. One of the most constructive ways to feel empowered and energized during these uncertain times is with education.

Below are 10 courses that will teach you the historical context of current events, the laws that govern us, and how to effect change locally, nationally, and globally.

US History and Politics

Image: Mount Rushmore

mount rushmore

American Government - A New Perspective

Learn about the roots of US government and how our systems have been shaped by modern politics and the permanent campaigns of elected officials. An ideal introductory course for those who want to learn the key ideas in political science.  

From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock: Indigenous Political Struggle Since 1890

Examine a broad range of issues affecting Native Americans in their struggle for power postcolonialism. Also explore why non-indigenous people are mobilized by issues like Standing Rock, while police brutality and murders affecting the Native population gain less attention.

Saving Schools: History, Politics, and Policy in US Education

Explore the past, present, and possible future of education in the United States, including the ideas and philosophies behind modern reform movements. A key question is addressed: What are the best ways of lifting the performance of American schools to a higher level?

Effecting Change and Creating a Dialogue

Creating a Dialogue

creating a dialogue

Bridges to JustPeace

Uncover and examine the sources of growing economic disparities and the extreme social fragmentation that occurred after the 2016 election. Learn to develop empathy for the perceived other and create strategies for building coalitions.

Migration and Human Rights

Study the drivers behind distress migration in a global and historical context, as well as the ethical, legal, and philosophical aspects of seeking and providing refuge. Examine the risks facing migrants, and how to analyze those challenges in a legal sense.

The Climate-Energy Challenge

Examine the long history of climate change and study the strategies that could help mitigate its effects. Also, learn how to design a low-carbon energy system for transportation, industry, electricity, and residential or commercial buildings in the United States.

Investigative Reporting in the Digital Age

Immerse yourself in this active-learning weekend course that teaches the skills and techniques that are essential to journalists today. Learn about data and information gathering, your legal rights to public records, and how to overcome obstacles in your reporting journey.

International Relations and Policy

International Relations

international relations

History of Human Rights and US Foreign Policy  

Analyze US national security issues through the lens of human rights, and how current policies address—or fail to address—humanitarian interests. Though case studies, explore the intersection of human rights, economic aims, strategic concerns, and peace building.

American Foreign Policy

Study the history, traditions, and theories of US foreign policy. You’ll examine questions pertaining to national interest, presidential leadership and its effect on foreign relations, the role of public opinion, China’s effect on American power, and more.

Political Corruption

Learn about political corruption and how it differs between regions, and why poor countries experience it disproportionately. Explore the reasons why public officials abuse power, whether corruption affects economic development, the efficacy of anti-corruption strategies, and more.

Registration for fall courses is open now through September 3. Late registration (a $50 fee) is September 4 through 10. 

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