About Us

Deeply accomplished. Intellectually curious.

Composed of retired and semi-retired professionals, our diverse, 550-person membership includes:

  • Experts in the fields of education, law, business, medicine, social work, engineering, architecture, technology, the arts, and more

  • Many individuals with master’s and doctorate degrees

  • Women and men aged 55+

A Shared Commitment to Learning

While each member’s contributions are unique, all members share a deep interest in intellectual exploration. That’s core to our mission.

Our Mission

To promote a concept of lifelong learning that relies on the active intellectual engagement and volunteer effort of program members. Rooted in an academic curriculum of peer-led seminars, HILR seeks a diverse membership that will reflect the multicultural richness of the larger society.

At HILR, you’ll gain both new experiences and new perspectives. During any given week you might explore geopolitics in the classroom, attend a lecture on the economy, rehearse a Shakespeare monologue, and lunch with friends in our courtyard.

A Dynamic and Engaged Community of Peers

Our members are deeply invested in the curriculum. In fact, anyone can design a course, then guide fellow members in an exploration of their area of interest or expertise. When you feel ready to lead your own, we’re sure you’ll find the experience to be as gratifying as other members do.

Outside the classroom, you’ll find that extracurricular activities—including poetry readings, musical productions, and brown-bag lunches—help forge new friendships and foster a deep sense of connection among us.

A Home Near the Square

The institute is housed at 34 Concord Avenue, just a few minutes west of Harvard Square. All courses and activities meet in person.


What’s next?

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