Terence Roehrig, PhD

Professor of National Security Affairs, Naval War College
Terence Roehrig is Professor of National Security Affairs and the director of the Asia-Pacific studies group at the US Naval War College. He was a research fellow at the Harvard University Kennedy School and a past president of the Association of Korean Political Studies. He has published several books including Japan, South Korea, and the US Nuclear Umbrella: Deterrence After the Cold War with Columbia University Press, and co-authored three books with Uk Heo: The Evolution of the South Korea-United States Alliance; South Korea's Rise: Economic Development, Power, and Foreign Policy; and South Korea Since 1980, all with Cambridge University Press. Roehrig has published numerous articles and book chapters on Korean and East Asian security issues, North Korea's nuclear weapons program, the Northern Limit Line dispute, the South Korean Navy, deterrence theory, the US-South Korea alliance, human rights, and transitional justice. He has interviewed with and written for many news organizations including BBC, Bloomberg, CNN, CTV (Canada), NPR, The Hill, Fortune, and Korea Times. Roehrig received his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MA from Marquette University, both in political science.


  • PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison