Steven Denkin, PhD

Director and Research Advisor, Biotechnology, Harvard Extension School

Steven Denkin is the director and research advisor in the Biotechnology Graduate Program at the Harvard Extension School. He received his BS and PhD in biological sciences with a concentration in microbiology from the University of Rhode Island. Denkin's dissertation, "Regulation of empA metalloprotease in Vibrio anguillarum," investigated physiological aspects of a bacterial fish pathogen under various environmental conditions including salmon gastrointestinal mucus. His postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins University investigated the mechanisms of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB). While working at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, he developed an assessment strategy for TB diagnostics, which he used to train laboratory technicians in Haiti. In addition to research accomplishments, he continues to enjoy teaching science courses to a diverse array of students in both secondary and higher education.


  • PhD University of Rhode Island