Sirinya Matchacheep, PhD

Lecturer on Chemistry and Chemical Biology and Director of Instructional Laboratory Programs, Harvard University

Sirinya Matchacheep is a lecturer on chemistry and the director of instructional programs. Matchacheep earned her bachelor's degrees in chemistry and biology from Cornell University and her PhD in chemistry from Harvard University. In her doctorate work she performed organic synthesis of a small molecule library and screened it for biological activity. A few of her compounds have been studied for their effectiveness in combating the hepatitis C virus. During her graduate studies, she served as a resident tutor in Dunster House where she discovered her passion for advising undergraduate students. Prior to her current position to oversee the operation of the chemistry undergraduate labs, she was a premedical/pre-health advisor for Harvard College and Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences students. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, traveling, digital photography, playing with her children, and walking her dog, Gaius, whom you may see occasionally in her office and classroom.


  • PhD Harvard University