Roberto E. Martínez II, PhD

Senior Instructor, School of Undergraduate Studies, Cambridge College
Robert Martinez, PhD received his master's and doctoral degrees in applied physics (with a concentration in mathematical physics) from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at Harvard University. Since 2003, Dr. Martinez has taught numerous courses in pure mathematics and theoretical physics in various departments at Harvard University, including a reading and research course based on his doctoral thesis in Harvard College. He has directed twelve ALM (master) theses in mathematics and mathematics pedagogy, an undergraduate thesis based on his doctoral research, and also directed three Harvard College Research Program (HCRP) projects in quantum field theory, complex algebraic geometry, combinatorial number theory, and bioengineering. Formerly a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Physics, Dr. Martinez has published seven articles in peer-reviewed journals and books, and discovered various fascinating mathematical structures concerning certain two-dimensional supersymmetric quantum field theories, invariants of algebraic link manifolds, and new identities in combinatorial number theory. He has worked with many students on independent research projects in STEM-related areas and continues the effort with his current research group.


  • PhD Harvard University