Rick Reibstein, JD

Environmental Attorney and Consultant

As the first employee of Massachusetts' program of onsite technical assistance for toxics use reduction, Rick Reibstein has helped develop the field of pollution prevention. He has provided hundreds of workshops and public presentations on environmental, health, and safety requirements and how to meet them efficiently through the application of preventive strategies. He has served as a US Environmental Protection Agency enforcement attorney, and has taught environmental law and policy at Northeastern University, Boston University, Clark University, Suffolk University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Harvard Extension School. He has taught courses on environmental responsibility in real estate for realtors, specializing in lead poisoning prevention. He has prompted and participated in regulatory improvement efforts at the federal, state, and international level, advising Brazil, Chile, and others on instituting preventive strategies and establishing assistance efforts. He is a founder of Business Environmental Networks, the Massachusetts School Sustainability Coordinators' Roundtable, and the National Electronic Products Recovery and Recycling Roundtable, which prompted a national effort to address electronic waste. He is a former editor of Hazardous Materials Intelligence Report and the creator and editor of Radiation Events Monitor.


  • JD Brooklyn Law School