Ned Gandevani, MBA, PhD

Program Chair of the Master of Science in Finance, New England College of Business and Finance

Ned Gandevani, PhD, is the program chair for the master of science in finance at the New England College of Business (NECB). He has extensive experience in academia and industry in the field of finance and risk management.

His academic background encompasses twelve years of on-ground and online teaching experience with universities across the country. Prior to joining NECB, Gandevani served as the dean of business and management at a national university, leading both undergraduate and graduate programs.

As a professional trader and hedge fund manager, he has spent more than twenty years developing quant systems and macro strategies in creating investment portfolios. He's trained and coached many professional traders and hedge fund managers for more than a decade on using different asset classes, including futures, options, and Forex to maximize their trading performance. His groundbreaking theory and approach to trading psychology, the trading personality profile test, has helped traders to optimize their performance while minimizing their potential losses.

Gandevani has written more than forty-five published articles and essays; and four published books on investment, finance, business, and investment psychology. He has presented at different conferences and seminars and has been featured in national publications such as USA Today, Stocks and Commodity, Futures, and others. He is a contributor to some of the prominent financial blogs, including Seeking Alpha and GuruFocus. Gandevani is a member of several professional associations, including The American Finance Association, The Society for Quantitative Analysts, and the American Management Association. He is an affiliate member of the Market Technicians Association.


  • MBA Long Island University
  • PhD Walden University