Naomi Stephen, MPhil



  • MPhil Yale University


Courses with Naomi Stephen

Fall Term 2016

Academic Writing and Critical Reading

This course introduces students to the demands and conventions of academic reading and writing. It focuses on analyzing texts, building effective arguments, and using evidence and secondary source material. Instruction on the stages of the writing process, from prewriting exercises through rough drafts and revisions, forms a key part of the curriculum.

Fundamentals of Grammar

This course is a review of the elements of grammar. We examine sentence structure, correct verb forms, case of pronouns, agreement, punctuation, and restrictive and nonrestrictive (that/which) clauses. Along the way, we learn something of the power and the pleasure of controlling grammar to make our words work for us exactly as we want them to.

Spring Term 2017

Fundamentals of Academic Writing

This course is designed for students seeking preparation for EXPO E-25 and for others wanting to review such basics of academic argument as thesis, evidence, and structure.