Muhammad A. Habib, PhD

Preceptor in Arabic, Harvard University
Muhammad Habib was born in Egypt. He was an assistant teaching professor of Arabic at Georgetown and previously taught at Duke University. He received his MA and PhD in Arabic language and linguistics from Al-Azhar University in Egypt. His research interests include Arabic linguistics, syntax, and morphology, as well as teaching Arabic as a foreign language (TAFL), Arabic literature, Islamic studies, and Qur'anic studies. He has published a monograph in Arabic entitled Usul al-nahw wa masa'ilahi al-khilafiya (Principles of Arabic Grammar and Scholarly Debates Among Medieval Grammarians), as well as several academic articles on historical Arabic grammar and contemporary Arabic language pedagogy. He studied the art of Arabic calligraphy at the Calligraphy Institute in Cairo and has given workshops on Arabic calligraphy at universities around the US.


  • PhD Al-Azhar University, Egypt