Laurence P. Bouthillier, CAS

Senior Director of Digital Learning Initiatives, Brown University School of Professional Studies

Larry Bouthillier has been leading educational technology and online video initiatives for over 17 years. As Harvard Business School's first director of educational technology, and later, Harvard University's director of digital video services, he created and led award-winning teams to develop educational tools and platforms, create educational software and multimedia content, and implement global distance learning initiatives. Currently, Bouthillier is the director of online education at the New England Institute of Technology, where he directs multiple initiatives to create a comprehensive capability for online education, including building an outstanding instructional design and academic technology team, and remaking the college's academic software and video platforms.

With an extensive background in traditional media production as well as web software development, Bouthillier has many years of experience developing scalable systems to manage the creation and distribution of dynamic, personalized, interactive rich media content. He is a frequent author, teacher, and consultant on the effective use and deployment of digital media in education and the enterprise. He is a former contributing editor to and a program co-chair for the Enterprise Video Conference. In 2004, he was named one of the Digital Media 100, a list of the industry's top leaders, influencers, and innovators by Digital Media Magazine, and was one of StreamingMedia Magazine's 2009 Streaming Media All-Stars.


  • CAS Harvard Extension School


Courses with Laurence P. Bouthillier

Spring term 2018

Introduction to Web Application Development using Node.JS

This course provides an introduction to web application development by way of JavaScript and the node.js environment. Students learn the basics of server-side web development using the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular/Angular 2, node.js).

Fall term 2017

Introduction to Web Programming Using JavaScript

This course provides an introduction to web development by way of the essential language and runtime environment that powers modern web interfaces. Through a series of examples and projects, students learn basic programming concepts while building an understanding of the power and complexities of JavaScript, which can perplex even experienced web developers.