Kevin Madigan, PhD

Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Harvard Divinity School

Kevin Madigan is a professor of the history of Christianity and a historian of medieval Christian religious practice and thought at Harvard Divinity School (HDS), where he has been since 2000. He specializes in high-medieval scholastic biblical exegesis and theology. His book Olivi and the Interpretation of Matthew in the High
Middle Ages
was published in 2003, and his study The Passions of Christ in High-Medieval Thought: An Essay on Christological Development in 2007. With Carolyn Osiek, Madigan co-authored Ordained Women in the Early Church: A Documentary History. In 2008, Madigan and Jon Levenson of HDS published Resurrection: The Power of God for Christians and Jews, a project partly written during 2006-07 when Madigan was winner of a Luce Theological Fellowship. Madigan has contracted with Yale University Press for a new textbook in medieval Christianity tentatively entitled The Medieval Church: A Modern History.


  • PhD University of Chicago

Courses with Kevin Madigan

Spring term 2018

History of Western Christianity, 1100-1500

This course examines the church and society in Western Europe during the high and late Middle Ages. We pay particular attention to theological and institutional change and continuity and to popular religious movements.

Fall term 2017

The Holocaust in History, Literature, and Film

This seminar approaches the Nazi persecution of European Jewry from several disciplinary perspectives. First, it explores the topic historically using a variety of historical materials dealing with the history of European antisemitism, German history from Bismarck to the accession of Hitler, the evolution of anti-Jewish persecution in the Third Reich, and the history of the Holocaust itself.