Kelly Miller, PhD

Senior Preceptor in Applied Physics, Harvard University
Dr. Kelly Miller received her bachelor of education (BEd) in secondary school science from McGill University, and her master's in physics from the University of Vermont. Miller received her PhD in applied physics from Harvard University in 2014. Before graduate school, Miller taught middle and high school science at various schools in Toronto, Rosseau, Montreal, and Vermont. She spent a year sailing around the world while teaching physics for Class Afloat, an experiential education program for high school students onboard a tall ship. While teaching high school physics, Miler developed a passion for teaching and scholarship in education. Her PhD focused on the use of technology and interactive teaching strategies in undergraduate physics classrooms. She currently teaches Applied Physics 50, a flipped, introductory physics class for engineering undergraduates at Harvard. She is also a co-founder of Perusall, a collaborative reading platform to help get students prepared for class.


  • PhD Harvard University