Joseph Michael Hunt, PhD

Joseph Michael Hunt is an American citizen who has worked in the fields of economic development, agriculture, environment, population, health, nutrition, and child development in Asia and Africa for nearly thirty years. He has a doctoral degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in food and agricultural economics.

He currently teaches in the environmental studies program at the Harvard Extension School and is conducting research on urban health policy in China under Harvard auspices at the Center for Health and the Global Environment.

His experience in emergency food and medical relief during the civil war in Nigeria (1968-1970) helped motivate a career of service to poor families in the developing world. His overseas experience has included long-term residencies in India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Philippines, and work-related experiences in twenty other Asian countries. He has visited over sixty countries, usually on professional assignments, and authored ten books on human development in Asia.


  • PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology