George D. Buckley, MS

Assistant Director, Sustainability, Harvard Extension School


  • MS Boston University


Courses with George D. Buckley

Fall Term 2016

Environmental Management I

This course surveys the scientific principles of environmental issues and environmental management practices, with attention to the health of both humans and the ecosystem.

Spring Term 2017

Envisioning a Sustainable Future: Managing and Protecting the Environment

It is widely recognized by the scientific community that current trends in our collective human behavior are not sustainable. Populations are growing at rates that cannot be maintained as food supplies per capita decline and the ecological costs of providing energy and materials for many people exceed the regenerative capacities the ecosystems upon which they depend.

Sustainable Ocean Environments

This course provides students with a window to the underwater world while we investigate the world's oceans, their habitats, and the diversity of marine life found therein. Topics include the ecology of bays and salt marshes, coral reefs, coastal seas, and the deep sea.