Edward G. Freedman, MS

Bioinformatics Software Engineer

Edward Freedman holds degrees in physics, computer science, and bioinformatics. He has worked at university research labs, government agencies (NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center), private industry (Digital Equipment), and at the Broad Institute of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, a leading research center for genomic science.

At Digital Equipment, he was a principal software engineer working on software development tools, advanced development in parallel algorithms and system architecture, verification tools for 64-bit Alpha processors, and he consulted on design and development of Alpha products with partner companies.

At the Broad Institute, he developed bioinformatics software for genome analysis using Python, Java, and very large Oracle databases. This included gene annotation (finding genes in genomic sequence data) and functional annotation (assigning function to predicted genes).

In his spare time, he has a leadership role in the Greater Boston Chapter of the Association for Computer Machinery (GBC/ACM), and occasionally produces events for the Cambridge Science Festival.


  • MS Brandeis University