Catherine Benoit, PhD

Founder, NewEarth B

Catherine Benoit is the vice president of social sustainability at New Earth where she directs the Social Hotspots Database Project, the first database for social life cycle assessment (LCA), and provides advisory services to practitioners and firms. She started her career studying the impacts of mining development in remote communities. Benoit has extensive experience in developing and evaluating methods and tools for supply chain social sustainability assessment.

She directed and coordinated research for several highly praised sustainability centers (CIRAIG, The Sustainability Consortium) and has assessed supply chain social impacts and advised strategic development and engagement with global corporations in several sectors including mining and metals, retail, consumer products and agriculture. She also brings years of expertise in sustainability initiatives involving external stakeholders. She is an expert with the Global Social Compliance Programme's Equivalence Assessment Project, a member of the Technical Review Committee of the Global Initiative for Sustainability Rating and a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Initiative.

She is the lead editor of the Guidelines for S-LCA that was published by the United Nations Environment Promgramme Life Cycle Initiative in May 2009.


  • PhD University of Quebec at Montreal