Bruce Molay, AB

Lecturer in Extension, Harvard University

Bruce Molay has been teaching and designing courses since 1974 and has been writing computer programs professionally since 1983. He has taught computer science, math, and physics at the high school, college, and adult education levels. He has designed, coded, and supported software systems for business, education, and medicine. He has taught at Harvard Extension since 1978. In 1998 he received the Petra T. Shattuck Excellence in Teaching Award.


  • AB Harvard University

Courses with Bruce Molay

Fall term 2017

Introduction to C, Unix/Linux Programming, and Web Interfaces

Designed for students with some programming experience, this course provides a rigorous introduction to writing and using software tools in the Unix and GNU/Linux programming environments to build command-line and web-based programs. The course teaches students how to write C programs and Unix shell scripts, and how to create web interfaces to those programs.

Spring term 2018

Unix/Linux Systems Programming

As an introduction to the fundamental structure and services of the Unix and Linux operating systems, this course combines theory with programming at the system call level. Topics include files and directories, device control, terminal handling, processes and threads, signals, pipes, and sockets. Examples and exercises include directory management utilities, a shell, and a web server.